Sura Ar-Room : A definite miracle through historical perspective correction

Sura Ar-Room is one of the Meccan suras that starts with an historical remark which turned out to be a definite miracle of Allah(j.j). The sura gets its name from the Arabic word of Room which means “The Romans” and refers to Byzantine empire by then.

The sura starts with an historical anecdote:

The Romans have been defeated

In the nearer land, and they, after their defeat will be victorious

Within a few years. With Allah is the Decision, in the past and in the Future: on that Day shall the Believers rejoice- (Ar-Room 30/2-4)

The sura have been revealed during a very turbulent time where there was constant struggle between the Muslims and Meccan pagans. Meanwhile, the Persian empire which was another pagan empire won a victory against the Byzantine empire in the year of 613 at a battlefield in the city of Antitoch. Just like the sura foretells us, a few years later in 624, Byzantine empire won a serious victory against the Persians.

The real importance of these ayats was to inform Muslims to support a divine cause and cutting all ties with an empire which was established over pagan roots. Also the introduction of the sura informs Muslims to have strong faith in Allah(j.j) to keep their morale high despite unfortunate events.

When the news of Byzantine empire’s victory of pagan Persians reached Mecca, many Muslims celebrated this event and some pagans converted to Islam after witnessing this miracle.

After this historical foreshadowing, Quran warns us about the “final foreshadowing” which is akhirat.

It is Allah Who begins (the process of) creation; then repeats it; then shall ye be brought back to Him. (Ar-Room 30/11)

Then, the sura reveals us the only form of salvation after being told about the final judgement:

So (give) glory to Allah, when ye reach eventide and when ye rise in the morning;

Yea, to Him be praise, in the heavens and on earth; and in the late afternoon and when the day begins to decline.

It is He Who brings out the living from the dead, and brings out the dead from the living, and Who gives life to the earth after it is dead: and thus shall ye be brought out (from the dead). Ar-Room 30/17-19)

Since Allah(j.j) is the owner of every form of life, one should read historical events from such perspective.

The sura is not just a reminder of putting all forms of trust in Allah(j.j) but also an remark for Muslims to be on the side of “divinity” when divinity clashes against paganism.

The revelation of Byzantine empire’s victory can also be read us the absolute firmness in Allah’(j.j) promise. When Allah(j.j) promises something, it will occur no matter what. Apart from this “promise” which is related to some historical victory, Holy Quran is full of “promise of judgement” day, which will come since Allah(j.j) promised it and it is Muslims’ duty to wait for such promises with patience.

Today, Muslim should adjust their perspective to read the history properly and keep in mind that Allah’s(j.j) promises for Muslims is eternally valid:

So patiently persevere: for verily the promise of Allah is true: nor let those shake thy firmness, who have (themselves) no certainty of faith. (Ar-Room 30/60)





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