Sura Al-Kafiroon : Quranic Answer to Political Correctness

This sura has been revealed in Mecca, during the very turbulent times when the tyrannical moguls of Mecca was at full work trying to stop Prophet Muhammad(saw) fulfilling his divine task, calling humanity to Islam’s message.

For many intricate reasons that are beyond the scope of this article, the moguls accepted or had the tendency to settle up on many accounts with Rasulullah(saw) except for one thing : Whatever order or demands he might bring forth, they still wanted to keep their “idols” at work, or some of them at least.

They adhered to their idols infatuatedly.

Strangely enough, this mentality didn’t reject a omni-potent creator. They believed in Allah(j.j). However, they still wanted to keep the “intermediary idols” at the Kaba, they still wanted to celebrate their ancestral traditions of “paganism and idolatry”, which gave them many excuses to maintain their “capitalist and fascist” political system.

Since they believed in Allah(j.j) just like Prophet Muhammad(saw) did, they thought there was a common ground between them and him. They insisted on the idea that the two parties could find a way to for agreement as if Prophet Muhammad(saw) was one concessionaire of a party.

He wasn’t.

Allaj(j.j) told him to bring this message of “tahwed” to mankind, he was just doing what he was supposed to be doing, by the will of Allaj(j.j) only.

There was no other way to “settle down” without accepting “tahweed”, uniqueness and oneness of Allah(j.j) and rejecting every form of idolatry and man-made deities.

Prophet Muhammad(saw) would not agree their “terms”. Since they didn’t understand, perhaps didn’t wanted to, Allah(j.j) is not some sort of “entity” who could be on the other side of some sort of “mundane” agreement.

You don’t propose your terms to Allah(j.j), he is the only proprietor and creator of the known and unknown life in the universe. But during those times, these moguls seemed to be unaware of this and they kept finding a way to “bargain” with Prophet Muhammad(saw).

He wouldn’t be bought with enormously attractive mundane offers.

Because this beautiful, strikingly simply yet effective sura, Sura-Al-Kafiroon instructed him, therefore us, to stand firmly on the ground of “tahweed”.

O ye that reject Faith!

I worship not that which ye worship,

Nor will ye worship that which I worship.

And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship,

Nor will ye worship that which I worship.

Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion. (Al Kafiroon 109/1-6)

This instruction doesn’t mean to cut of all ties or communications with “those who reject Faith”.

However, every Muslim should keep in mind that there is no “bending” in the very first rule of Islam, tahweed. This sura closes the door to every kind of “political correctness” as well.

You can’t appear to follow “another deity along with Allah(j.j)” to please a certain group or society or to gain position for a certain amount of time.


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