Sura Ad-Dhuha and Sura Al-Inshirah : Motivational recipes in Islamic aqeedah

These suras are two consecutive sura, 93rd and 94th respectively and their core meaning is to boost up morale of a believer especially if they are going through dark periods. Usual interpretation is that, these suras have been revealed to Prophet Muhammad(sav) regarding a specific period in his life, but these two suras can be read and interpreted their addressing as to all Muslims, ever after.

Dhuha was revealed during a period where the revelation was on hiatus and naturally Prophet Muhammad(sav) was worried about it. Non-believer crowds of Mecca during those times exploited the situation and claimed that “Muhammad’s god has forsaken him.”

The first three ayats of Dhuha sura clears this issue and answers the non-believers;

By the Glorious Morning Light,

And by the Night when it is still,-

Thy Guardian-Lord hath not forsaken thee, nor is He displeased. (Sura Ad-Dhuha 93/1-3)

Apart from being such a reply, the remaining ayats of the sura is like a motivational recipe for every believer if they are in doubt or going through a state of melancholy;

And verily the Hereafter will be better for thee than the present.

And soon will thy Guardian-Lord give thee (that wherewith) thou shalt be well-pleased. (Sura Ad-Dhuha 93/4-5)

This sura along with Sura Al-Inshirah aims to provide spiritual support for Prophet Muhammad(sav) during very turbulent times when his prophethood was recent and newfangled, and it was of such a period where he was constantly facing negative reactions from almost every section of the Meccan society.

Especially in Sura Al-Inshirah Allah(j.j) reminds him that He was ever present there to help and soothe him during his entire life and He re-assures his prophet that such tradition will be continued as long as he keeps him faith firmly and adheres to the path of patience, which can be read as a kind reminder and a subtle warning to all Muslims as well that we should read and understand the underlying meanings of these two suras if we are ever in doubt about receiving Allah’s(j.j) during the course of our lives.

So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief:

Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.

Therefore, when thou art free (from thine immediate task), still labour hard,

And to thy Lord turn (all) thy attention. (Sura Al-Inshirah 94/5-8)





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