Prophet Salih(a.s) and Qawm Thamud

Thamud nation is mentioned in Quran, they are an ancient Arab nation whom dwelled between Hejaz and today’s Syria. In Holy Quran Qawm Thamud has been quoted 26 times in several different suras. Prophet Salih(a.s) was sent as a messenger and precursor to this nation.

The main reason is to draw a dire warning to all mankind the fate of this nation, where they belied their prophet, didn’t pay attention to his warning and they could not escape their ultimate fate. This nation is also quoted along with Ad nation, whom shared the same termination.

Only a fraction of their society believed in Prophet Salih(a.s) and paid attention to his warnings. Most of the members of this haughty society was in vain and imagined their mundane powers and wealth would suffice to prevent the calamity Allah(j.j) would send them.

The leaders of the arrogant party among his people said to those who were reckoned powerless – those among them who believed: “know ye indeed that Salih is a messenger from his Lord?” They said: “We do indeed believe in the revelation which hath been sent through him.” 

The Arrogant party said: “For our part, we reject what ye believe in.”  (Al-Araf 7/75-76)

People of Thamud tried to challenge Salih(a.s) of his prophecy by asking for a miracle. Even though they were granted one by Allah the Almighty(j.j) they still insisted in their previous life-style which was based in denial and arrogance and injustice.

This pagan mentality ignored all the warnings and bare miracles of Allah(j.j) and even killed a “specially created camel” which was a token of all these miracles Allah(j.j) granted his Prophet Salih(a.s) since Thamud nation asked for miracles from Prophet Salih(a.s) to prove his prophecy:

After killing of the aforementioned camel, a loud noise from the sky captured this nation and apart from the few believers who followed Prophet Salih(a.s) , the entire qawm of Thamud was demolished.

But the Messenger of Allah said to them: “It is a She-camel of Allah! And (bar her not from) having her drink!” 

Then they rejected him (as a false prophet), and they hamstrung her. So their Lord, on account of their crime, obliterated their traces and made them equal (in destruction, high and low)!

(Ash-Shams 91/13-14)

There are many interpretations of Thamud nation in both Islamic and secular history. The real importance of this story is to warn mankind about “nation-wide arrogance” against the message of Allah(j.j) prophets when they invite mankind to Tahweed which is uniqueness and existence and oneness of Allah(j.j)





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