Personal Development notes based on Holy Quran-2

We continue examining some ayats from Holy Quran that would constitute as “notes for Personal development”

Ar-Rahman 55/7-8-9: Embrace balanced decision and firm judgement by taking inspiration from the perfect order of the universe. Since this order has been meticulously designed by Allah(j.j), it will give you deeper insight about how and why you should stick to sober and fair judgement as if you are walking on a line of universal equilibrium.

And the Firmament has He raised high, and He has set up the Balance (of Justice),

In order that ye may not transgress (due) balance.

So establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance(Ar-Rahman 55/7-8-9)

At-Takathur 102/1-2: Pride and Lust for material possessions goes hand in hand and they fuel each other. In the end, only you’ll poison your own life by forgetting the simple fact that the world’s most expensive casket won’t save your body from decomposition. And while six feet under, nobody will witness the elaborate design of that casket, you’ll only waste your money or your children’s.

The mutual rivalry for piling up (the good things of this world) diverts you (from the more serious things),

Until ye visit the graves.(At-Takathur 102/1-2)

At-Tawba 9/40:  Even in the worst case scenario, never lose your temper, patience and hope. This ayat mentions the “incident at the Thawr cave” where Prophet Muhammad(saw) and his companion Abu-Bakr(ra) were hiding from a gang of assassins hired by Meccan’s moguls.

Striking a firm balance of temper, patience and hope is the real key to have a strong character. Here, extra importance should be laid for the sum of these three virtues since each one of them is not enough, all three should be found in one’s soul, at the same time : Keeping temper, patience and hope. One can keep his temper but due to his passive-aggressive personality, he can still be impatient. One can have too much “hope” and sings songs about it but can lose temper easily if that exuberant spirit leads to manic-depressive mood.

So, more than anything else, a soul needs control of temper, and an abundant source of patience and unconditional hope.

If ye help not (your leader), (it is no matter): for Allah did indeed help him, when the Unbelievers drove him out: he had no more than one companion; they two were in the cave, and he said to his companion, “Have no fear, for Allah is with us”: then Allah sent down His peace upon him, and strengthened him with forces which ye saw not, and humbled to the depths the word of the Unbelievers. But the word of Allah is exalted to the heights: for Allah is Exalted in might, Wise.(At-Tawba 9/40)


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