Personal Counseling from Prophet Muhammad(sav)

One day a stranger came nearby Prophet Muhammad(sav) and asked him “I have some questions for you regarding this world and life after”. He replied : “Ask whatever you want”

After that, the following dialogue took place between the stranger and Rasulullah(sav)

Man: I want to be the richest among the men

Rasulullah(sav) : Only if you can be content with what you have

 I want to be the most beneficial among men

The most beneficial among men is whom is most beneficial to human beings, so you be beneficial to people

I want to be the most equitable among men

You can be the most equitable among men if you want for others what you want for yourself

I want to be the closest to Allah among men and be one of is royal, favorable slaves

If you remember him frequently you will be one of his favorable slaves

I want to be among the muhseen, the ones who do good deeds.

Worship him knowing that He sees you, He sees you even if you don’t see Him

I want to bring my faith into maturity

If you have good ethical manners, your faith will bring into maturity

I want to be bathed in light when I’m resurrected on the judgement day

Don’t oppress any one, you will be bathed in light when you are resurrected

I want to be the most compassionate among men

First show compassion for yourself and than for others, so that Allah(j.j) will show mercy for you

I want my sins to diminish

If you pray and beseech to Allah(j.j) for you sins, He will diminish your sins

I want to be the most generous among men

If you don’t complain about people to Allah(j.j), you will be the most generous among men

I want my livelihood to be abundant

If you keep on being clean, you’ll have abundant livelihood

I want to be loved by Allah(j.j) and his Rasulullah(sav)

Then, love what Allah(j.j) and his Rasulullah(sav) loves and don’t love what they don’t love

I want protection from Allah’s(j.j) wrath

Then, show no anger to any one, you’ll be safe from his wrath

I want my prayers be answered

Then, stay away from harams.

I don’t want Allah(j.j) to make be embarrassed among men

Then, protect your honor and dignity so you won’t be embarrassed among men

I want Allah(j.j) to hide my faults and defects

Hide your brothers’ faults and defects so Allah(j.j) will hide yours too

What will wash away my sins?

Your tears, your respectful compliance to Allah(j.j) and illness

Which deed has more virtue for Allah(j.j)?

Good ethics, humility, patience over calamities and accepting fate

What is the biggest sin for Allah(j.j)?

Bad ethics and showing parsimony and being reluctant for his commands

What soothes Allah’s(j.j) wrath, who is the most compassionate?

Giving away charity that is hidden from public and visiting relatives








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