Names of Quran

In sura Al-Loqman, the second ayat indicates a name for Quran, which is “Hakeem”

These are Verses of the Wise Book (Al-Loqman 31/2)

It can never do justice to the translation of the word Hakeem to Wise. Sure, the meaning of the wise is contained in the word “Hakeem” but there is a slight nuance there which should be studied since Hakeem is just an adjective which can be used for “subjects” not just “objects”

There are many other names of Quran like Majid, Kareem and Aziz. Many westerners might be familiar with such names, probably they have heard these names for “middle-eastern immigrants” in their countries. However, these are names of the Holy Quran as well and they are names for a subject.

Foremost, this naming convention gives Holy Quran a unique character, makes it a rather individualistic expression.

By having “subjective” attributes, Quranic message can be read as “an aim of constructing a subject.” It is not just a book to sit on a shelf.

It constructs vision and contemplation by its concepts,

It constructs reasoning by its suggestions,

It constructs character by its examples.

There is a whole separate sura in Quran named as Al-Furqan. Furqan means “the one who can distinguish good and bad, right or wrong”, “through itself, one can separate right or wrong”. Furqan is also one of the names of Quran.

Such a deep and philosophical word for the “nomads and badawis of the desert”, right? If we aim to transmit the message of Holy Quran to the modern masses of today’s world, we can start by explaining them why Allah(j.j) chose to send his final prophet from the nation of Arabic peninsula.

Can it be because of the extreme richness of Arabic language? Can “modern” individuals today accept the fact that Arabic is such a complex language, can they really look at the world of Arabic linguistics without any pre-judgements? Especially in today’s Islamophobic climate?

Can we really translate names of Quran into English or any other Latin-German rooted language?

As if to foreshadow current thought movements and social hooks of our century, Holy Quran warns us 14 century before, by stressing the importance of “names of Quran” in many suras.

The word “furqan” is used as a name for Quran, also it is used to describe “sound judgements and healthy reasoning”

We can dig into other names of Quran in a future article but we believe it is really essential to establish “crystal clear perception of Arabic language” during every kind of study of Holy Quran. This language is simple, deep, clear and effective in communicating the final message of divine call.

Names of Quran will help us to comprehend the subjective core of Holy Quran.




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