List of 54 fards

The famous list of 54 fards is like compendium of a list of actions that every Muslim should do and it is consist of “easy-to-remember” things to do:

1)      Remembering Allah(j.j)

2)      Halal gain and Halal food only

3)      Prayer ablution

4)      Praying 5 times a day

5)      Gusl(body) ablution

6)      Allaj(j.j) will gives us what we need, verily

7)      Halal clothes only

8)      Determined trust in Allah(j.j)

9)      Be content with what we have

10)  Be appreciative and thankful for what we have

11)  Be embracing for what comes from Allah(j.j) as fate

12)  Be enduring for what comes from Allah(j.j) as calamity

13)  Be resentful for sins and commit “tawba”

14)   Perform ibadah for Allah(j.j) only with full sincerity

15)  Acknowledge the devil as clear enemy

16)  Accept Holy Quran as definite proof and evidence

17)  Knowing death as reality

18)  Love what Allah(j.j) loves and stay away from what He doesn’t love

19)  Treating mother and father goodly

20)  Suggest the good and eliminate the evil for the society

21)  Visiting relatives as habit

22)   Keep and protect what is in our custody

23)  Perform hajj if possible

24)  Obey the Prophet Muhammad(saw) and Allah(j.j)

25)  Seek refuge in Allah(j.j) to stay away from sins

26)  Obey the Muslim administrators

27)  Read the universe as if it some sort of cautionary book

28)  Tafakkur, think deeply about the universe

29)  Protect the language from foul language

30)  Fasting

31)  No making fun of anyone

32)  Don’t look upon the haram

33)  Be honest in speech

34)  Protect the ear from hearing harmful things

35)  Studying “ilm”

36)  Be honest in trading

37)  Be afraid of Allah’s(j.j) punishment

38)  Be hopeful of Allah’s(j.j) compassion

39)  Help the poor and the needy

40)  Don’t follow the temptations of the “nafs”

41)  Feeding the poor and the needy in the name of Allah(j.j)

42)  Earn a living that is “enough”

43)  Give away zakat

44)  Stay away from spouse sexually during maternity care and menstruation

45)  Cleanse the heart from every sins

46)  Stay away from arrogance

47)  Protects the juvenile orphan’s goods and wealth

48)  Stay away from buggery and similar sexual misbehaviors

49)  Keep on praying five times a day

50)  Stay away from what belongs to others, what is not ours

51)   Tahweed, keeping a firm belief of Allah’s(j.j) oneness and uniqueness

52)  Stay away from fornication

53)  Stay away from alcoholic beverage consumption

54)   Be rightful in speech and never oath on false ground


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