Ismail Haqqi Bursawi : An awliya of Bursa

Bursawi was born in 1652 after his father migrated to Aydos town in Balkanians, when the whole family lost their housing and furnitures because of a great fire.  He started studying fiqh, tafsir, qelam, hadith, grammar and linguistic as well as logic at early age.  He is also known to produce a handwritten copy all of the ilm books that he has read. When he completed his education, his teacher Osman Fadlee Efendy appointed him to the city of Bursa. In his own words, apart from Osman Fadlee Efendy, Bursawi mentions Muhyeddeen Arabi, Abdulqadir Jeylani, Ibrahim Edhem and Aziz Mahmood Hudayee as his influential masters.

After Bursa, he was sent to the city of Skobje. Before his journey, his teacher gave a him a letter to be kept during his “preaching the public” time there. The letter consisted of such advices:

“Dear my student! Preach the public to do things favored both by religion and reason. Forbid them to do wrong-doings and evil-things.  Be prepared for the warning mentioned in the Sura Al-Qalam’s 48th ayat.  Be patient and be thankful to Allah(j.j). Spend your nights on worshipping to Him. Fasten during the day. Be afraid of Allah(j.j). Stay away from things that might result in bad assumptions . Even if the public invited you to places such bad assumptions might occur, don’t accept those invitations.  Whatever you do invite public to study “ilm” and to carry out good deeds. Educate them about their actions, as well as about their matters of faith.  Whether they are in your presence or not, speak highly of them. ”

Ismail Haqqi Bursawi spent 10 years in Skobje and then went to Bursa again to continue educating his students.

He passed away in the year of 1725 in Bursa.




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