Grinding and Smoothing Modernity to Embrace Sunnah

There are many approaches today to analyze the importance of following Rasulullah’s(saw) sunnah in Islamic aqeedah. Some of these approaches fall short-sighted since they look through the scopes of modernity.

Unfortunately, this loose cannon, this “one of the most baseless and fake school of thought in the history of mankind” has become a gigantic monster that has been constantly traumatizing, tantalizing, endangering and enslaving human spirit and intellect in the name of “enlightenment”.

Modernity is a monster which tries to eat everyone who dares not to accept the social norms and values it sets forth. It has become a “absolute judgemental monolithic criterion” for all individuals if they seek  to engulf themselves in “comfort zones”  in this century.

In its roots, if we manage to take off its veil, we can see that it is merely a paganist touchstone, rather than a “sociological movement”.

Since modernity has such roughness attached to it, probably due to every “post-modern” writer-philosopher-sociologist have tried to bind and add their own perspective to it, it is something to needs to be ground and smoothed out today.

As it is something that relates to today’s Muslims, if they relay want to follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad(saw) in both spiritual and intellectual sense.

Some Islamic aqeedah movements try to underestimate the importance of sunnah for Muslim. Knowingly or unknowingly, they have been under the pressure of “updating Islam according to modern times”. There have been myriad number of theses and arguments that try to shed some light into the ever-growing and popular concern of “Is Islam compatible with modernity?”

The easiest solution, as suggested by some unfortunate “Muslims” scholars, is to abandon sunnah since it doesn’t “sound” compatible with modernity and this line of reasoning calls Muslims to “go back to the roots of Islam, and “to follow Holy Quran only”.

In their quest to overcome their “inferiority conflict” mostly imposed by western “modern” standards, owners of this mentality want to regard Holy Quran as a “written text” so that it can be and should be interpreted “freshly” in this century.

Holy Quran is not a written text, it is divine wisdom of logos, kalamullah, a complete set of words of instructions, warning and narrations that have been revealed by Allah(j.j) to its messenger in an oral form during a course of 23 years.

If Allah(j.j) wanted to give humankind a “written text”, He could have easily sent down a colossal stone graving with every kind of “divine instruction” imprinted on it.

Instead, he sent us Prophet Muhammad(saw). Holy Quran has been revealed to him sequentially.

To understand Holy Quran, we must follow him since he is the ultimate living proof and embodiment of “Quranic wisdom”.

Therefore, we must cleanse every kind of “modern approaches” from the perception of today’s Muslims’ in regard to Rasulullah’s(saw) sunnah.

Once we unchain our reasoning from the pitfalls of such “modern tendencies”, and bombardments of disinformation about how we should “re-think sunnah in Islam” in this so-called “modern times”, we can easily understand that following Rasulullah’s(saw) sunnah is the only “grip” we can hold onto, if we really want to live according to Holy Quran.

Baris Tarimcioglu/




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