Examples of Rasulullah(saw) Prayers

O! Allah!(j.j)

As you have created me in beauty, attain my manners beautiful as well;

Until the day I die, help me utilize my ears and eyes to full extend;

In my religion and in my body, give me health and security;

Until I retain my rights, help me fight against the tyrants;

Help me put into practical use of what you teach me;

Increase my knowledge and give me the useful one;

I seek refuge in thee from the useless information, from a bold, fearless heart, from unaccepted prayers, never satisfying soul, the hunger that gives both spiritual and physical blistering, from disloyalty, from sloth, from parsimony, from cowardice, from senescence and stressful aging …

O! Allah!(j.j)

From the mischief of my ears, eyes, tongue, heart and my lust, I seek refuge in thee. I ask from you salvation, staying away from restrictions and I ask to be content with what I have…

I ask from you to make me live in virtue and honor,

I ask from you health, prosperity and security about my world, my religion and my family members and my commodities.

Cover my faults and convert my fear into security. Protect me from the calamities and sins that will advance from  my left, my right, my back and my front.

O! Allah!(j.j)

I only seek refuge in you and surrender to you, believe only in you, orient myself towards you only. Deliver me your love and deliver me the loves of the ones that will benefit me to advance closer to you.





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