Different meanings of the word Zuhd

Zuhd is an important concept in Islamic tasawwuf and has multi-layered meanings.

It can mean the following;

Lack of extreme ambitious, lack of demand and feeling indifferent to worldly needs,

Not feeling opportunist for daily, mundane wishes,

Not being selfish,

Be content with what one has under his possession,

Not lamenting over certain mundane losses,

Zaheed is the person who has “zuhd” in his heart.

It can also mean “not being a slave to worldly possessions.

There are three types Zuhd:

1) Staying away from harams, which is obligatory for every Muslim.

2) Staying away from such halals that are not mandatory for one’s survival or fundamental needs

3) The “Areef” version of Zuhd, which is to stay away from anything that keeps the soul busy from thinking Allah(j.j)



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