Attributes of Allah(c.c) according to Islamic Aqeedah

In Islamic aqeedah, there are two types of attributes of Allah(j.j) which should not be mixed with Asma-ul-Husna. Asma-ul-Husna is 99 names of Allah(j.j), these fourteen attributes are more like properties that describe our creator.

These attributes are divided in two categories;

Zatee Attributes(The ones that are found only in Allah(j.j) and unique to Him)

1)      Al-Wahdaniyyah : The oneness and uniqueness of Allah which is the core belief system of Islamic aqeedah and this attribute is related with tahweed.

2)      Al-Wujud : This means “existence”, it is self-explanatory since it is an obligation to believe the existence of Allah(j.j) in Islamic aqeedah.

3)      Al-Qidam : Primordial in the sense of without beginning.

4)      Al-Baqa : Perpetual in the sense of without end. Allah(j.j) exists independent of time, place and exempt from all known or unknown dimensions.

5)      Al-Mukhalafatu lil-hawadith : Not resembling nor sharing any similarities between Himself and the creatures He made

6)      Al-Qiyamu bin-Nafs): Completely independent about His existence and is not in the need of any other entity to exist

Subutee Attribyres(The ones that can be found in creatures He created in a different style and manner, in limited fashion)

1)      Al-Hayah : He is immortally alive, in every sense.

2)      Al-Ilm : He knows everything in every possible direction, dimension and interpretation, nothing can escape from the grasp of His knowledge.

3)      As-Sami : He hears everything, without any medium and his hearing ability encompasses all creatures and dimensions, and the entire universe.

4)      Al-Basar : Just like As-Sami, he sees everything instantly, in every possible form, nothing can remain secluded from Him.

5)      Al-Iradah : The power and will that is eternal, perpetual and omni-potent, if He wants something to happen, it will happen regardless of any other condition.

6)      Al-Qudrah : Having infinite source of power, being powerful over everything in the known and unknown universe.

7)      Al-Kalam : Allah(j.j) does communicate with mankind via angels or prophets and shares His eternal and divine wisdom.

8)      At-Taqween : The sole creator of everything. By His will, some living things can make other things but it is His “will” that lets this happen.



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