An awliya from Ankara : Ankarawi Ismael Rusuhee

His name is Ismael, although he is known as Ankarawi since he was born in Ankara and received his early education in this city. The exact birthday of him is unknown, we just know that he lived during the 16th century.  After his formal education, while studying “tasawwuf” as well, he learned Arabic and Farsi languages. He both “followed” the Halwatiye path and as well as Bayramiye paths. He spend most of his life telling and preaching public about the religion of Allah(j.j) and fine morals of Prophet Muhammed(saw).

He traveled to the city of Konya and attained the madrasa of Celebi Bostan, whom was one of the grandsons of Mawlana Rumi.

During the reign of Sultan Murad the Fourth, some ill-minded people were gossiping and plotting against the people of tasawwuf in front of the Sultan. Somehow, some of them convinced the Sultan that these “tasawwuf folks” were a threat to the throne and the governmental system.

Ankarawi wrote a twenty-page “risale” and there he told the Sultan about true meanings of tasawwuf and most of the scholars of that era appreciated his reasoning and defense of tasawwuf orders for Sultan, so that he would let go off his pre-judgements against them.

He kept preaching his students about the path of Prophet Muhammad(sav) which is all about tawheed and unity and compassion.

He passed away in the city of 1630 in İstanbul and his tomb is in the Mawlavi dergah in Galata district of Istanbul.





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