Amir Sultan : An Awliya from city of Bursa

Bursa is such a city in Turkey that every “sufi-traveller” must visit if they are interested in history of “tasawwuf” in the Anatolian peninsula. Since the city served as the earlier capital city of Ottoman empire, the spiritual magnetism that emitted from this city and dispersed through the neighboring areas helped to shape the authentic Ottoman mentality that served for the flag of Islam for many centuries.

Therefore, city of Bursa is “famous” for its awliyas. Like Ismail Haqqi Bursawi, Amir Sultan is one important awliya in the history of city.

Amir Sultan was born in Bukhara, which is a city in today’s Uzbekistan. His father’s name was Amir Qulal and he had a major impact on his son’s education.

His father gave such suggestions to Amir Sultan:

Dear son, you have to love your Prophet Muhammad(saw) more than me, your mother. Don’t brag about your family tree or your ancestors. Never lie. Try to live your every sing day, as if it is the last day of your life. Never feel lazy about studying “ilm”. Never enter a social gathering or group of people without greeting them first.

Only Holy Quran should be your guide and Rasulullah’s(saw) hadiths should light your path.

You have only one major weapon in life, which are the prayers you recite, to Allah(j.j)”

When his father died, he went to Mecca to perform his Hajj and then he went to Madina. There, he saw a dream with a special mystical content which guided him to the city of Bursa.

In the city of Bursa he also witnessed many important political events of the Ottoman empire.

He kept sharing his “ilm” with his students on all accounts. He is heard to say “If a student is following the path to reach Allah(j.j) he won’t have any desire in his heart other than reaching Him.”

One great scholar, Molla Fenari has studies in his dergah and then started to preach in “Ulu Mosque” in Bursa.

He died in the year 1430 in the city of Bursa. His tomb has been visited by Ottoman Sultans in later centuries and is still a popular travel destination today.






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