Amal-i Saleeh : Personal Ego Eraser

Amal-i Saleeh is an important concept in Islamic aqeedah. Saleeh can be simply explained as “good” and amal is “works”. In many cases, amal-i saleeh is translated into English as “good deeds” but it is actually a bit problematic, if not short sighted, to claim such correspondence. Because “sawaap” also means every little good action you do in this life. Such actions are considered as good deeds. However, amal-i saleeh has a broader meaning, especially when a soul establishes his projection and reference point towards “afterlife” and seeks the “ridha” of Allah.(j.j)

The term amal-i saleeh can not be understood without fully comprehending the term “ridha” of Allah(j.j). The dictionary reference for ridha is “will” but this explanation is also problematic. Sure, ridha of Allah(j.j) can mean “will of Allah(j.j)” in some contexts, but within the discourse of “amel-i saleeh” ridha means simply “for”, not even “for the sake of”. Because when one says “for the sake of Allah(j.j), an unwanted meaning occurs, as if Allah((j.j) “needs” such an action or awaits such thing. SubhanAllah is exempt from any needs.

Why it matters your reference point when you trying to understand “amal-i saleeh”? Because this term has a very deep meaning than your average spiritual guide’s definition of “good deeds”.

Simply put, an “amal” can never be “saleeh” if it is not done “for” Allah(j.j) only.

You don’t do it to gain a benefit from other humans.

You don’t do it to gain fame or fortune or social acceptance or gratitude or personal ego satisfaction.

A “work” is saleeh only when the doer is seeking the reply, assessment, acknowledge and possible reward only “from” Allah(j.j)

Allah(j.j) can reward such works here in this life or in afterlife, still the doer would not and should not care, he must simply continue doing “good works” since he knows Allah(j.j)  knows everything we do, of our every action, in plain sight or in secret.

Therefore, when one promotes or publicizes his “good deeds”, it is never considered as “amal-i saleeh”. If you seek your reward only from Allah(j.j), don’t let your ego got mix into it.

There are many suras in Holy Quran that appraises saleeh amals, in other words, honest, pure, good works that others can benefit or one’s self can benefit, beneficial in the regards and account of Allah(j.j) only

Sura Al-Asr is one of them:

By (the Token of) Time (through the ages),

Verily Man is in loss,

Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy. (Al-Asr 103/1-3)

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