Ahl-i Qible : Beyond the Madhabz, Beyond the locational differences.

Ahl-i Qible is term to describe a Muslim to orients himself to the Qabe in Mecca and performs salat, which is considered as the main pillar of Islamic faith. The term qible explains the direction that every Muslim must turn to while performing salat, which the Qabe in Mecca.

There is also spiritual and abstract meaning to the world “qible”, it means the orientation and direction one holds in life, the destiny one is headed to.

Since the term “Muslim” should be enough, why there is a need for such articulation? Because there are several madhabz and some unfortunate followers of some madhabz consider their “fraction” better or worse, the only reliable one. Hence, according to almost all Muslim scholars, regardless of people’s madhabz, since all Muslims turn to Qabe to perform the very basic fulfillment of their Islamic duties, the term “Ahl-i Qible” was needed to account to trivialize the differences in several madhabz.

In today’s Muslims world, where there is still sectarian conflicts everywhere and the colonial magnate exploit this weakness in every Muslim society, it is really essential for Muslims to learn the true meaning of the term Ahl-i Qible and stick to it.

Ahl-i Qible showcases one of the fundamental principles of Islam, where it absolutely forbidden to practices nationalism, jingoism and nepotism. Since 5 times a day, every Muslim should turn to the same direction, even if there are disputes, every Muslim should not forget that our final destiny is the same and one only : The home of Qabe, House of Allah that our ancestor Prophet Abraham(as) built.

When two souls argue, they face each other in confrontational position, face to face. And they argue, sometimes this quarrel leads to strict battles, as we have witnessed throughout the centuries. However, if they adhered to the main pillar of Islam, which is performed 5 times a day, at least they should have given a break to their quarrel for a certain period of time and face the “same direction” instead of facing each other.

Every Muslim should accept the “Muslimhood” of each Muslim brother, as long as they are accept the meaning of the term “Ahl-i Qible”

All Muslims should promote “Ahl-i Qible Awareness” among each groups, jamaats or madhabz to overcome our cultural or historical differences in our backgrounds.

Ahl-i Qible is a great “instrument” in itself that would help all the world’s Muslims for unity.

Which brings us the main “mast” of Muslim faith, the salat. 

Just because one of the obligatory conditions of “salat” is to orient oneself to the same direction, regardless of one Muslim’s position and location in the world, that beautiful act of devotion which every Muslim should perform 5 times every day harbors a sociological elaboration in itself, apart from being a physical and spiritual exercise. 


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