Adabali : An awliya from the birth period of Ottoman Empire

Adabali was one important awliya of Anatolia and he had a prominent role during the establishment years of Ottoman empire. He was the father in law and the teacher of Othman Gazi, who was the first sultan of Ottomans. It is believed that he was born in Karaman in the year 1206 and passed away in Bilecik in 1326

After receiving his primary education, he traveled to Damascus to have advanced studies in hadith, tafsir and fiqh. There, he also showed interest in the way of the Sufis and got inspired from the scholars of that era. A rumor has it that he also attended the conversational circles of Mawlana Jalaleddin Rumi and reached the level of “maturity” in tasawwuf during that period he spend his time around Mawlana.

There are many narrations related to Adabali where he inspired Ertugrul Gazi, who was the father of Othman Gazi, the first Ottoman sultan. Ertugrul Gazi was such a respectful person of “ilm” and scholars and therefore he raised his son in that fashion.

Adabali educated many students in the studies of hadith, tafsir and fiqh in the city of Bilecik until he passed away at the age of 120. The first sultan of the Ottomans, Othman Gazi was a student of him as well. He got inspired by this teachings so deeply that he passed his testament to his heirs and strongly recommended them to be keen followers of “ilm” and instructed them to “find scholars wherever they are and listen to them, show respect to them and make sure the people you reign show respect to them as well.”

Adabali is known to have suggested some of these topics to his students:

“Modesty means to have pride against the reach and showing humiliation to the poor”

“Get connected with soil of the earth but don’t waste water and protect your testament. Be generous. Protect the people of “ilm”, the scholars. Engage in forestry plantation. When you borrow, give back more. Read the Holy Quran to be more powerful, take care of your gardens as well. Learn about our Prophet Muhammad(saw) very well. Memorize his hadith, the ones who teaches what they know will never be forgotten. “




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