Abdulmajid Shirwani : An awliya from Siirt

The exact birthdate of Shirwani is unknown but he is known to pas saway in the year 1564. He was born in the city of Siirt but mainly resided in the city of Tokat in the Anatolian peninsula.

His father was also a known sheik around Siirt, by the name Waliyyuddîn. Shirwani was known to be very keen on every matters of taqwa, especially the way he protected himself from “suspicious things”. Suspicious things is a term in tasawwuf or more like a delicate balance in Islamic fiqh. Since halals and harams are obviously set, every Muslim must obey them. But there are also things that are discussed to be either haram or halal, where there is no one hundred percent clear fatwa about them. Therefore, these things are considered as “Suspicious things” and thus every awliya strictly stays away from them with the fear that they might be in the category of haram, just in case to protect themselves from it.

During his lessons, he preached his students with the following remarks;

There are pre-requisites to reach Allah(j.j). One is faith, basis of everything. Second is taqwa, where one tries to beautify his soul by staying away from sins and fights against the temptations of his nafs with the aid of his teacher in tasawwuf. Thirdly, this soul will seek every possible means to connect with Allah(j.j). While doing so, the student will follow to be under the umbrella of this teacher, the Murshid-i Qamil and his teacher will try to form his student’s bond with Prophet Muhammad(saw). After reaching this status, the student’s sense of taqwa and his faith will become completely “mature”. He will strictly adhere to the do’s and don’ts of Islam and all forms of etiquettes of tasawwuf path.

Thereafter the student will reach Marifetullah, which is the state of knowing Allah(j.j) where his heart will be filled with divine love. And the fourth means is simple, it is to jihad for the sake of Allah(j.j), for his path.

He also warned his students;

One of the main duties of the devil for sufi students is that he tries to bring “cold feelings and animosity” between the teacher and the student. Therefore, the student will become sullen in both in the this world and life after. The student should do everything at his disposal to overcome this devilish trick that would prevent him continuing his tasawwuf education.





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