Abdulhakim Huseyni : An awliya from Adıyaman

He was one of the heirs of late 20th century awliya, Sheik Ahmed Haznawi, who was from Syria. He was born in Siirt in 1902 and passed away in 1972 in Ankara and he was buried in the city of Adıyaman, where his tomb is located today.

Both his grandfather and father took special interest in his early education in Islamic disciplines.

When one day one of his students asked him for a special preaching that would act as a recipe for both worldly and eternal salvations, he replied “Take careful notice of liberty and honor” His student again asked, “What do you mean by liberty and honor?”, he explained :

“Liberty means having a bond to Allah(j.j) and not caring for any other means apart from Him. The first door to salvation lies beyond, caring and depending on the Creator, not the mundane means in daily life, since it is the Creator who has created those means. Honor means adjusting your spirit and its wishes according to Allah(j.j) only not for any other mortal being, for the matters of speech and daily activities.

His student was again curious and he asked about Ikhlas, the concept of sincerity in Islam. Huseyni replied him as “Ikhlas means to abandon sins and follow rules only for the sake of Allah(j.j) not for anyone or anything else, so the outer membrane of determination means takwa, the inner core of it means Ikhlas. For instance, if someone adjust his wishes only according to his appetite and stomach, his value can nothing be more than what comes out of his stomach, the similar fate will await those who spend their efforts for fame and satisfying their lust only.”

During his last years, the visitors who attended his circles noted the following words from him:

One’s heart should always be in tune with Allah(j.j), always seek to bond with Him. Such heart should be in sorrow and should be in state of invocation. His rank will raise up for Allah(j.j) as much as he remains in such psychological states. If a person is engulfed in tyranny or he is chasing worldly pleasures of debauchery only, he can never know anything about Allah(j.j)







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