Abdulhakim Arvasi’s notes to his students

Abdulhakim Arwasi is a late 19th century awliya who was born in Van in the year 1865 and passed away in Ankara in 1943. His notes to his students highlight the importance of education and “ilm” in the field of tasawwuf and related Islamic disciplines.

He is known to suggest his students the following remarks;

*Instead of missing one of daily prayers, I’d prefer to lose my worldly belongings

*Decency and modesty is all about knowing your boundaries and obeying them, the biggest form of them is to know about the divine boundary and respecting it.

*Istanbul is a very strange city, one can find every kind of means to a devout believer in here, at the same time, one can easily become a heretic in this city easily.

*One day he was passing by a shop in Grand Bazaar, the shop owner recognized him and asked him to pray for the salvation of Ummah. He replied “Show me where is this Ummah and I’ll pray for us all”

*The Quran is therapeutic. Naturally, the cure comes from the pipe. If the pipe that cure is flowing is dirty and clogged, one can’t experience the cure.

*Every kind of trouble and calamity we face in life is a result of our own tyranny, wrath and injustice

*The roots of psychological problems in a society is due to lack of faith.

*Keep your clothes tidy and clean and wherever you go, present and carry the value and modesty of Islam.

*If folks don’t consider and regard Allah as the prime owner and sole judge, they can’t show compassion and love among each.


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